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If you open all the lockers and chests you find in the third dlc, you should find them. there are two in lockdown prison, one on the path leading to the armory in road's end (just open all the lance chests as you fight them off), and five more. you should come across them easily if you just open all the lockers

This is a list of known loot midgets. Truxican Wrestler: Hides in lockers (located at the beginning of lockdown palace) Meat Popsicle: Hides in fridges, (located in T-Bone Junction in the lowest area of the city.) Second Meat Popsicle: Hides in fridges, ( located in lockdown palace) Mini Steve: Hides inside weapons chests who is carrying the weapon inside. (located at lockdown palace) Second Mini Steve: Inside a weapons chest (Found in fathoms deep, in the bandit settlement below "Secret final boss") Third(?) Mini Steve: Inside a weapons chest (Found in Sunken Sea, in the 'Took Pump' bandit camp during the mission "Purple Juice!") Dumpster Diver: Hides in dumpsters (found in Motorhead's area) Crimson Shorty: hides inside red lance chests. (located at Road's End in a Lance Chest just before the Armory)

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