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Undoubtedly no.

its boring nothing to do guns look rubbish characters rubbish cars rubbish (apart from monster and lancer} and i hate cod to and killzone and mass effect and rainbow six vegas and god of war what's so good about god of war (rhetorical) and S.W.A.T? PLAY LOST PLANET DYNASTY WARRIORS and ARMY OF TWO (PURE AWESOME GAME) and TENCHU AND TEKKEN AND FORZA3 AND NEED FOR SPEED AND GEARS OF WAR AND HALO3 AND 2 AND 1 AND REACH (NOT WARS) AND FARCRY 2 PLZ PEOPLE PUT MORE GOOD GAMES ON THIS PAGE... and 50 CENT BULLETPROOF and MIDNIGHT CLUB DUB EDITION... NOW IM FINISHED..................PERIOD <( $ _ $ )> THE FACE

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