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1. Make a 360 when you fall down the metal gate, and you should see a large rock formation. Go about 3/4 the way up the slope going right and you should see a piece cut out of the formation just big enough for one person. Once in the spot terra will have a difficult time hitting you with his "Masher" tentacles and spikes, making it allot easier. This strategy usually nets you a Terra kill in about 5-7 minutes depending on what gear you have. If you are having trouble with my directions take a look at 3:46 on the video link posted below.

2. Farm Hunter Hellquist during the "This Just In" quest to get "The Bee" shield. This game breaking shield adds AMP damage to every bullet that comes out of your gun so it is most effective with shotguns and high rate-of-fire weapons. I have found that the best combo is "The Bee" and one of the following two weapons. Using either of the combos below you will net terra kill in less than 20 seconds.

  • The first is the pistol called Maggie, now Maggie does 4704x6 damage per shot and since it’s a Jackobs it fires as fast as you can pull the trigger making it a pretty devastating pistol from the get go but with "The Bee" each bullet that fires from the pistol does an extra 50k+ damage making it do roughly 328,224 damage PER SHOT.
  • The second and my personal favorite is the Conference Call shotgun. This shotgun does and initial 5382x5 damage but this is where it gets nuts, it then fires another x5 from the left and right of the initial hit hitting terra in all of its critical points at once. This deals about 830,775 PER SHOT!!!!

I hope you find my strategies useful and that they can fulfill all of your farming dreams.

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