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The below instructions will change in game menus to reflect the Xbox360/Playstation Controller. The menus will display buttons instead of keys( A/B/X/Y instead of [Enter] [Escape] etc)
These changes are graphical only, they do not affect game play. The text on some options may also change, but their effects will not change. ("Online Game" may change to "Xbox Live")

(Close Borderlands before editing continuing or the changes may not save)

1) Locate "WillowGame.ini" in your Borderlands folder (ex. My Documents/My Games/Borderlands/WillowGame/Config/WillowGame.ini)
2) Open "WillowGame.ini" in a text editor (ex. Notepad)
3) Search for "FakePlatform" in the file
4) Change "FakePlatform=-1"
"FakePlatform=-1" for PC(Default)
"FakePlatform=1" for Xbox360
"FakePlatform=2" for PS3
5) Save the file

Open Borderlands, on the main menu you should notice [Enter] has been replaced with a button graphic.

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