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Yes, they are...((Spoilers)) When you kill Dr. Ned's human form the corpse that shows is actually Dr. Zed's, the moustache is gone and the nametag is changed, you also hear Marcus Kincaid mistakenly say Zed in the closing credits, some people raise the argument that Zed is still in Fyrestone/New Haven once you've killed Ned however Zombie Island of Doctor Ned is based after the 4 vault hunters defeat the destroyer, the same could be said how TK Baha is a zombie but is still alive back in Fyrestone, all evidence supports that Dr. Ned and Zed are indeed the same person.


no they are completly different people infact their voices are different.

Accually if you watch the claptrap mini web series, it s revealed that Dr.Zed and Dr.Ned are diffrent people you can see them talking to moxxi and walking beside eachother.


Dr Ned and Dr Zed are the same. First, when u meet dr "ned" it says "totaly not dr zed" as a joke. Secondly, as mentioned above, when u kill dr ned in his human form his moustache is gone and the nametag is changed. Thirdly also mentioned above you hear marcus kincaid accidently saying zed in the credits. finally, dr "ned's" moustache even looks fake. i rest my case.


No they are not the same. Or maybe they are. Dr. zed is in the Borderlands 2 trailer still alive. I think it was just a joke like brenda dying in scary movie 3 and reapering in scarymovie 4. Or maybe they were actually different people idk cant wait to see borderlands 2 i preordered from gamestop to get the preimere club and slaughterdome arena.


They are seen besides eachother in the web series, and Ned is in an infirmary in T-Bone Junction presumably after the events of Jacobs Cove. Also as stated above he is seen in the BL 2 trailer, and zed is also resurected by the rebelous claptrap in DLC 4. Or maybe it doesn't matter because BL doesn't care about making sense :)

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